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This page is for our huddles aka meeting/outing to discuss about Eyeshield 21 plans in the future and also having fun in the group XD

1st HUDDLE! 15/2/2009

Now it's MY TURN to post up our M'sian Eyeshield 21 Cosplay Team 1st Huddle report! XDDDDD

Those who attended were Miyavi Honey (Sena), Wen (Mizu), Beatbox (Banba) & his buddy (fanboy? ROFL), Tzezumi (Kakei), Yamato (Yamato, lol), Riza (Ikkyu), Yuo-chan (Marco), Kisho (Taka), Ezard (Gao), Andrew (photographer), and yours truly (Hiruma), duh. :PPPPPPP

Those who supposed to come but can't make it last minute were Severyn (Akaba) and Narukid (Riku). T__T NEXT TIME COME OK!!

Came 1/2 hour later than appointment cause had to run some errands. (had to get Sano to drive me cause no cars at home (family went out), get new memory card for Martin (camera) and prepare bringing laptop upon Sena's request)

When I arrived at meeting spot (Sunway Piramid a.k.a Banba's highschool ROFL) on my way to ZenMai Sushi restaurant, bumped into Sena along the way, hahahaha. *glompz*

Waited for Marco & Taka and then we head off to huddle spot.

Missed Riza~!! Well, he made a long way before arriving at restaurant venue. ^^;;;

 Joined the early batch who waited in the restaurant. They were Andrew, Banba & his pal, Gao, Kakei & Mizu. Ordered chilled green tea and assorted tempura. (too tempted to get tako/octopus, but resisted)

Boy, do Banba ordered A LOT. O__O Had some photo-taking sessions, esp. on sushi snatching! LOL


Now just waiting for Yamato and chatted ES21 stuff while eating/drinking. boy, do Andrew talked the most, LOL

YAMATO CAME, YEAH!!! OMG he is REALLY tall and fair looking. ^^ Suitable!! (just need to take the specs off, hehe) Then it's HEIGHT COMPETITION, LOL!! (Wen > Yamato > Kisho)

Discussed about cosplay related. Looks like I'm incharge of jerseys, main jersey material hunter and shoes for now. ^^ (shoes...this is DEFINITELY Hiruma, since he used to be a part-time worker for a shoe shop & quitted right after a while after retrieving info LOL) Still could NOT figure out about our group skit(s). :(

Andrew was the 1st to went off. The remainings just continued chatting & getting ready to move again. Can't miss mentioning that SENA IS MY BEST SECRETARY, KEKEKEKE. *kicks with love*

Seriously got confused over paying individual orders from Zenmai, and since Banba ordered the most (and some ppl like me only carried big paper note), he helped us pay first, LOL. THANKS, DUDE. 8D

Became wanderers, in search for non-crowded spots that serve wi-fi connection. (aha, I bought ice-cream on the way, lol) Ended up in Friendster cafe (LOL), the best by far. :DDDDD

Sena presenting existing coolest ES21 cosplayers & viewed the fanmade ES21 dance vid using my boyfriend's laptop & wi-fi, LOL. I treated Riza to his kids meal fish & chips and I ordered a Raspberry soda drink. (just a buck cheaper than normal soda like Coke, WH00T!)

Took MOAR pics before departing. I forced made everyone do solo shots & few group shots. :) HOORAY WEN STRIPPED ONE LAYER!!! (jacket) Next time, you know what to do. ;P

anked everyone for coming and left with my Sano. THE END. XD

Errrr. For rest of the photos, wait for me to edit & watermark 'em in Photoshop, since I retrieved my HIDEKI (PC) back. *kisses it* Since this is the FIRST TIME I'm using Windows Vista, gonna be slow ya. ^^;;;;

*gets things thrown at*

Oh, would you dare?

Nothing much, rite? ^^;;; Ceeeeeh me. :PPPPPPPPP

For more Pictures please view HERE
the password is es21mycos

Reported by HIRUMA >D

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